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I believe in a world with two spaces after a period and Oxford commas for all! 


Author of The Woodcutter, Queen Mab, Maggie MacKay: Magical Tracker, and O'Hare House Mysteries.

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WELCOME to my friend, author Kate Danley!

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Queen Mab - Kate Danley



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Kate and I will be appearing at Duarte Festival of Authors 2013, this Saturday! (I know, I just said that a post ago).


We each have quite a few events coming up---Kate will be at San Diego Comic Fest, I think (I won't be, still right foot-unenabled), Big Orange Book Festival, and I'll be at Comikaze Expo, Long Beach Comic Con, and LosCon 2013, the oldest science fiction/fantasy convention in Southern California, Thanksgiving weekend. And that will be that for 2013!


When does writing fit into all of that, I ask you! ;)