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Duarte Festival of Authors 2013! Come see us!
Duarte Festival of Authors 2013! Come see us!

EVENT: Kate Danley (The Woodcutter, Queen Mab, Maggie MacKay: Magical Tracker series), and I will be at Duarte Festival of Authors 2013 this SAT with Books, boooooks! Come see us in the sunshine and watch me burst into flames! http://friendsoftheduartelibrary.com/festival.htm


Located just a bit past Pasadena, CA (USA), drop in by airship if you must, it will be my 2nd outdoors event so I've learned the lesson to *not* dress in full neo-Victorian in lovely Los Angeles weather. Dear Kate will be doing all the heavy lifting as I'm still Miz Hobble. She's just released two new titles, Queen Mab being the latest and my Sundark is still in the proofing stage (wah!). But I'll have me Dark Victorian books, so come SEE.


Childrens Activities Area, Panels, discussions, Talks, meet the authors, sunshine!